Provide diversified products to
meet the feeding requirements of animals at different stages.

Manufacturing feed concentrate, formula feed and high-efficiency feed for pigs, poultry and ruminants, whilst emphasizing quality control and food safety to meet our customers individual requirements.

Offer professionally customized services to promote healthy development in China’s agriculture and food industries for a better future.

Offer customers with a complete set of supply chain solutions to help them improve work efficiency, reduce operational cost and to enhance market competitiveness.

Emphasize food safety to promote the sustainable development of the feed and food industry.

Food safety and product quality are equally important. AB Agri emphasizes feed quality and safety from source to product, and to grow with partners for a mutually beneficial and successful partnership.


A British Brand Serving China

130-year experience in the UK and 20-year localization and exploration have helped us achieve unparalled development.

  • Animal Nutrition Technology and Innovation Provide groundbreaking feed nutrition technologies and technical services for the global animal feed industry.
  • Feed Safety Research and Practice A leading global technical team and long-term pioneering work in feed safety provide the foundation for the high quality and safety standards of our global business.
  • Quality Feed Manufacturing Produce products for pigs, poultry and ruminants in different stages with advanced production equipment and a perfect quality management system.
  • Supply Chain Solutions Improve work efficiency, reduce supply chain cost and enhance competitiveness.
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